Show Me Local (continued) Interview (continued)

Q. Tell me about your Facebook and your other applications.
A. This week we have released the Business Space application that allows business owners to integrate their blogs, coupons, specials and job posts with local Facebook Pages. Business owners will be able to control what type of information to put on the page and have an ability to post either from ShowMeLocal or from Facebook directly. For those businesses who don’t have an account with us, we offer a simple integration tool to import their information directly to us.

In addition we have built a Facebook application to enable facebookers to search through the available businesses, coupons, deals and jobs. It gives not only more visibility for businesses but also an opportunity for us to spread a word about our services. We already see some number of referrals (small businesses) that came through Facebook application.

Q. What costs are involved?
A. We have invested into creating a comprehensive software product, which I can proudly say working very smooth and stable.Â

Q. Do you provide any other services to local businesses?
A.  Not really

Q. Why should a small business use your services?
A. SML is  a simpler and easier way to establish a strong online presence, get new customers, and stay in touch with your community. is built around Social Network ideology with all desired attributes: ratings, reviews, photos, videos, maps, comments, tell a friends feature, social bookmaking, feed subscriptions and networking with local businesses.

In addition our distribution platform promotes business content to the variety of local oriented sites relieving business owners from the task of spending enormous amount of time and effort to do it themselves. Small business can get a premium product for free!

Q.  Tell me about your business network feature.
A. The business network is a great way to reach an extended customer network.  In other words it is a cross promotional feature. If on Facebook or MySpace friends can connect their profiles together, the same feature is available for the small busines on SML. By doing this information flows from one business profile to another, attracting customers that came to one of the businesses pages. It makes sense to organize local business networks.  An example of local oriented business networks can be found here: In addition business owners can communicate with the other network members in the profile administration.

Q. In conclusion, where do you see local search going in future?
A. Considering that internet is becoming social and the customers are ready (the business owners are not),  I think it will take some time to get those local businesses online. When the critical mass is achieved, then local search will become really exciting, because it will produce meaningful results. Also I think that the future lies in the community oriented websites and there is where the local business wants to be exposed.  This is why we are developing Facebook applications and scheduled to release the Open Social application to promote our clients to the other social networks.

Thanks for your time Eugene and look forward to see SML grow!

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