Online Yellow Pages and Local Search

The online Internet yellow pages (IYP) are another major component available to the small business owner to promote themselves locally on-line. If you are looking for a good site with information and links to some of the major Internet Yellow Pages, check out Local Search Guide.

Their own q & a about the site says “The Local Search Guide is an Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and Search Engine Who’s Who. Updated frequently, this objective resource profiles IYP, Search Engine and Search Tool companies Local Search capabilities.”

I found their IYP section as well as the whole web site, very informative and easy to read/navigate. They have a nice list of sites, articles, directories for your review.

What to bring you attention to an article there by Greg Sterling, called Internet Yellow Pages Central to Local Search. I won’t copy the whole article but he concludes by saying:

“Internet Yellow Pages publishers are rising to the challenge of these new market dynamics. They have become important partners for search engines and others seeking to reach local advertisers. And the directories themselves are an increasingly important channel for advertisers, both national and local, to reach local consumers. Internet Yellow Pages have emerged as central players in the new interactive local media marketplace.”

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