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Having a marketing plan no matter where you are doing it (either on-line or off-line) is important. You simply just can “wing it” these days.  Hopefully through my posts here, you have gotten this message. If not, I found two articles that summarize it nicely.

Kevin Stirtz, wrote a nice general article at SiteProNews, Top 10 Tips for Using Web 2.0 to Promote Your Business commenting on many of the things we have discussed here.

The second article I found was by Chuck Aikens The 4 Features of a Local Search Marketing Plan. Again a good article providing some more specifics on marketing in the local search arena. Local search optimization, paid search, link building, and social networking are the main points Chuck covered.

Update 8/7/07: Forgot to include a link to this article: 11 Local Search Resources for Your Local Search Marketing Campaigns

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