Local Search Updates 11/05/2012

Hot trends in Web and marketing were all on display this week at Seattle Interactive, a large regional show with 190 speakers and an audience largely comprised of Northwest agencies, startups and technologists.
The change in media was brilliantly illustrated by a single question posed by a speaker…

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The holiday season is nearing and retailers are gearing up to attract an influx of shoppers. Here are four ways e-commerce companies can reach a wide scope of holiday consumers in different cultures and increase revenues and build brand loyalty.

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Rankings change significantly based on the locations where searches originate. SES Chicago 2012 attendees will learn how to effectively target their audience using this data and show companies whether they are getting the most from their SEO agency.

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Calls & Clicks: Highlights from ReachLocal, Marchex & Yelp Q3 EarningsThere were a slew of earnings reports released today. Among them LinkedIn, Marchex, ReachLocal and Yelp. Below are three of those releases and some highlights:ReachLocal Q3 results
Yelp Q3 earnings
Marchex third quarter earnings

ReachLocal (highlights)

$118.9 million in Q3 revenue
857 salespeople
22,100 advertisers (vs…

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Yelp Makes the Switch to Apple MapsAs part of their partnership — call it a “quid pro quo” if you like — Yelp was supposed to start using Apple Maps in its iOS App. However several weeks after the launch of iOS 6 and Apple Maps I kept seeing the old Google Maps in the Yelp app.
I assumed that the very public problems suffered by Apple Maps had given the folks at Yelp pause and caused the company to indefinitely delay the change to Apple Maps…

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