Small Business News 10/03/2012

As more and more people adopt social media tools and get used to Tweeting, Liking and Checking In, smart marketers are employing a raft of tactics to get them to do more and more of just that.
One of the most important reasons to promote and incentivize sharing on social networks is that it can multiply your message and carry just a hint of referral, albeit it very faint one…

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1&1 Internet Inc. recently released the results of its 2011 Virtual Main Street Audit — their survey on the relationship between consumer satisfaction and small business websites. Small business owners should take note of its key findings.
This study of more than 2,000 U.S. adults revealed that 35 percent of U…

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Women: An Interest, Important And Influencial GroupPresident Obama talks about women not being relegated to a political interest group.
The president said:
“These issues are more than just a matter of policy. And when we talk about these issues that primarily impact women, we’ve got to realize that they are not just women’s issues, they are family issues, they are economic issues, they are growth issues, they are issues about American competitiveness…

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Real and Raw Stories About Being an Entrepreneur


I’ve been collecting stories of late about what it means to be an entrepreneur, about what work means, about value, purpose and passion.
I started asking people about their work and about what makes work worth it to them.
I’ve collected many of these stories and find them both inspirational and quite telling about the real things people care about and dream about…

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Many market observers have been predicting that the twin activity streams of SEO and social media services will eventually align and perhaps become indistinguishable from one another at some point in the future.
While it is still possible to argue both sides of the coin as to whether or not this prediction will ever come to pass, it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore the social side of the market when looking at statistics relating to the work of SEO professionals…

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