The New Google Places Page

Well Google Places that we used to know is no longer here. If you follow the search engine news, you probably already heard it. It is pretty big news. Now local business will need to set up a Google+ account to get there pages. Also Google is using Zagat (which they purchased a while back).

As I too am figuring out the changes, I have put together a list of articles that I have been reading on the subject and thought you might like as well.

Google + Local: Q’s and some A’s -Mike Blumenthal

Google Places Pages Are No More – But What has Changed? -Mike Blumenthal

Google Places Marries Google+, Gives Birth To New Google+ Local Pages – Matt McGee

Google Goes Social-Local: Turns All Places Pages into Google+ Local Pages – Greg Sterling

Roundup of Useful Pieces on Google+ Local -Greg Sterling

Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Center Of Gravity For Local Search –

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