In Case You Missed It – Week 42

Here are a few good local search related articles, I wanted to share with you.   Hope everyone is dong well

Recent Trends Should Guide How Businesses Grow Local Search Strategies

As we head into fall, let’s catch up on the latest trends and developments in local search space – and what you should consider as you start to build out your business’s advertising strategy for 2012.

  • Take Charge Of Social Media
  • Prep For Big Mobile Changes
  • Widen Online Exposure

Local Content Definition: What Makes Material Of Local Signficance?

Most of all, keep in mind that the definition of local content is that it is something that should be of use and interest to your local community. The fact that you live and work in your town is your greatest asset. Becoming aware of the needs, wishes, hopes and concerns of your neighbors will guide you towards the types of content that will be of most value to them. A winning combination includes community involvement + communication with your current customers + keyword research.

Local Search Ranking Factors? Sadly, They’re Not Actual Industry Practices

…the tactics that score highly year-in and year-out in the “Local Search Ranking Factors” aren’t actually being used by a lot of marketers.

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