Do I have any Android phone users out there?

Well I have recently seen the light and switched from Blackberry to Android and what a difference. Got the Droid X and holy cow..it is a great phone. What makes it so good?….the Android OS. I am amazed at the number of apps¬†out there. Now Blackberry is not bad but for what I wanted and needed to do on the phone, Android is the answer. (Yes I know the iPhone i out there but my carrier does not have it and switching carriers was not an option.) ūüėČ

With that in mind, myself and my good buddy Ben from Sparatan IT Solutions have set up a new site, BizOnAndroid. This site is going to be a clearinghouse of information, resources, and commentary on Android based smartphones and will have the small business owner in mind.

I use my phone a lot for my business (as I assume many of you do too) and things we want to cover is how small business owner can/should use their Android smartphone to build/manage/grow their small business. I, of course will be covering topics of local mobile marketing!  There is will app reviews and accessories reviews too. LOL. In the short time I have had the phone, I have discovered a lot of neat things and thought it was worth my time to share them.

We are excited about this new site, so if interests you, head on over to BizOnAndroid.com, follow us on Twitter @bizonandroid, Facebook or our RSS feed. Have a great weekend!

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