Marketplaces 2010 Conference

Today I listened in on a webinar by BIA/Kelsey on their upcoming Marketplaces 2010 conference happening next month in San Diego. If you have not been to a Kelsey conference I highly recommend them. From what was presented, it looks to be a very informative conference. Just wanted to share a couple of things that were presented today which caught my eye.

I. They spoke about 6 major trends they see in marketplaces. Those trends are:

a. Google leverages vertical extensions
b. Verticals focus on search rankings
c. Competitors create a robust ecosystem ‘working around’ Google
d. Social engagement adds a ‘third way’ for local marketers
e. Impulse purchases and lead generation add new local focus points
f. Mobile adds ultra portability

II. They spoke on areas of innovation to watch. Those areas are:

a. Social locatoin based networks
b. Actionable local utilities
c. Voice and visual search to drive decisions

Local search continues to grow and the more you understand of local search marketing, the better you can take advantage of it. Want to learn more, check out the conference, read my blog 🙂 and check out those in my blogroll. You will be glad you did.

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  1. Interesting list, but can you define Actionable local utilities for me? I don’t know what it is, but I think I want one. The list of local search jargon is getting too long for my addled mind.