LocalBizBits-Where Have You Been?

It has been a long time since I wrote.  Need to apologize.

To put it simply, I have not had the time.   I have a ton of articles to review and post, got a good number of ideas on articles, but just like any small business, I  need to focus on income.

I bet if I polled a random selection of small businesses, they all would have something to say on how this slow economy has effected their bottom line.

It is tough right to be an independent web designer/marketer in a small market. I have been losing clients left and right, who simply are pulling their money out of online advertising. I have stopped trying to explain things to them.  Should a small business pull their online marketing in this economy? No way! It will not be like this forever.

People are still searching online! Search Engine conferences are still taking place! Smart business owners are continually looking for new ways to reach clients, so there is still hope.

I am still on Twitter, hope to make it to a conference later this year, am keeping up with search engine trends, so look to some new post real soon. Thanks for following LocalBizBits.

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