Monthly Ad Spending by Auto Dealers

Still have some stuff to post about Kelsey’s DMS but got this data from Palore the day, that I wanted to share.  This graph is from reviewing over 2,800 Denver auto dealers and repair shops.  The chart represents the breakdown of advertisers, with and without a website, to low, medium, and high-end spenders.

Thought this was interesting….takes money to make money.

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  1. Interesting data but i think that auto dealers and auto repair shops are quite different businesses with different marketing objectives (and budgets and profit margins). I bet many, if not most, of the repair shops fall in the low spend/no website category while the dealers take up most of the medium and high with websites categories.

    In other words the data is a bit skewed.

    Lots of people search online when buying a new or used car and we see lots of competition in that vertical. Fewer people will go online to find a repair shop. Many owning newer cars are just taking them into the same dealer they bought it from for service and those with older vehicle tend to find one repair shop they trust (trial and error and/or referrals).

    But as local search and users search habits mature the repair shops will slowly catch on to the internet more. More will get websites and more will spend ad dollars online.

  2. Interesting point about the different businesses and marketing objectives. I agree too that more will be getting websites as they become more intune with local search.