Finding a Parking Place

Got an email a while back from a new website/local search, The purpose of the website is to help folks find places to park their cars.  From their press release: has created a marketplace for monthly parking spaces and currently has 2500+ parking spots available. The goal is to connect car-less home owners that have empty driveways, with motorists who want affordable parking. The service is at no cost for users to advertise their parking spots. In addition to renting, users can also buy and sell parking real-estate.”

I zipped over to the web site and this is not a bad idea. The site is in beta but I like what they are trying to do.  I recently went to Atlanta and was looking on Mapquest for parking lots in the city. So if you are curious, pop over to the site and take it for a spin.  Future plans, they say,  are being developed to allow for hourly parking and mobile reservations.

note: I did contact them for more information but they did not return my email.

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