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To continue on the subject of Local Search in Europe…a while back I contacted Frank Fuchs, from Locally Type* Local Search & Maps blog to get his take on local search in Europe.  There is so much stuff, that I can’t cover it all so I will introduce the subject.

Who are the players in local search in Europe? Frank has put together a great local search resource page on his blog. He lists the main search engines and directories by country and provides some info on how to submit.

Frank also brought to my attention, that the Kelsey Group had a conference on local search in the European Union this past June. You can head over to the Kelsey Group and download some of the slide presentations. Also if you want to keep up with the European market, they have a number of posts on their blog.

In general, it appears local search is growing in Europe as it is in the US, but there is “fragmentation” (many different directories and search engines looking to get a stronger foothold) in the markets.  Also they mention that in the near future, strategic alliances are going to be key for many of these Yellow Pages and search engines to survive and thrive in Europe.

Someday I hope to visit Europe and see local search first hand there, until then….if any of my European readers have any comments or thoughts, please share them.

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