On-line Reviews Followup

Found a nice posting by Jennifer Laycock at Search Engine Guide, But What If They Say Something Bad?. I thought this was a nice followup on my posting: Thoughts regarding online reviews from June 22.

Jennifer was asked that question and she responded “They’re going to say something bad about you anyway. By entering the social media realm, at least you have a chance to respond.”

I agree totally. Jennifer also notes that on-line folks many times will complain first then search for a reason why. The point is that you can’t avoid negative comments but not dealing with or simply not participating in the social media on-line really is not an option anymore.

Jennifer ended by saying, “Companies need to realize that running from social media means running from their customers. What are you so afraid of?”

Social media is a fact of life on-line today, so your business (no matter what size) needs to participate in some form or fashion.

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