Local Search and My Vacation

Well I am back from driving over 2000 miles total (GA to MA and back).  I was nice to get out of town but it always good to come back home.

As I traveled around I did a lot of thinking and observing of local search marketing. Do you know what my #1 question was any where I went? (Most Internet marketers or computer geeks would understand). Is there free Wifi here?! LOL

This first idea I had might not be on-line marketing but it is local.

As you travel up/down I-95 many states have a AM radio station that gives traffic info. The problem with these are that the stations are so hard to hear and understand (especially with a van full of kids). My idea is to have the state sell local advertising on the channel-the money can be used to get a stronger signal out there.  The state would also put out more signals saying “For local information or traffic, turn to ….”  I know I would listen if I knew there was more local info (rather than just traffic info) on the station. Traveling with kids-you need to stop alot for a variety of reasons.

Another related question I had-would it be possible to have one single station dedicated to traffic throughout the state? Would make it simple to remember.  Not sure if that is physically possible.

FYI: You can get real-time traffic on the iGoogle maps, read about it here.

Final thought for today. One thing folks have commented on, is what types of sites or businesses can profit from local search marketing. One I have not heard mentioned but should/could be listed locally is parking lots or garages, especially in large cities.  It took me over 15 minutes just to find a place to park one day so I could go to the city’s children’s museum.  Finding a safe and close by parking place,  is important to any traveler.

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