More reasons to do local search

The reasons I list today are sort of secondary reason to do local search marketing.  Also all of these are items I plan to cover in more detail in future postings.

Google411. Ever hear of it? I recently tried it and it is pretty cool. “Google Voice Local Search is Google’s experimental service to make local-business search accessible over the phone.” It is a free call and Google uses its local search listing for this program.

LocalServe is a new program from Superpages, which webmasters the ability to add a search database affiliate program on website. The searches are locally and categorically that best fit the users. Again, it you are in the local search database…,, Google, YahooAOL’s mobile portal just to name a few now offer a mobile version of their local search engines so folks can search for local businesses via their cell or smartphones!  Mobile search is another aspect of local search marketing. I have not written much about it but will be in the near future.

Wouldn’t it be neat if someone is walking down the street, searching on their cell phone, they find your business  online and then walk right into your store?  It can happen but only if you are listed in the local search engines.

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