Don't forget about Link Building

One of the things that really excites me about local search (and social, mobile, etc components)  is how much it can really help your website.  In addition to listing pertinent business information, it is a quick and easy way to get links pointing to your website.

By now, I assume everyone has heard about linking building and why it is important to your website.  Just in case you have not, getting links pointing to your website or blog is critical for your search engine rankings.  You can’t just have any links though, you need to have links from sites that are somehow related or relevant to your content.

I am going to get more involved discussing linking and how it ties in with local search later, but it was on my mind today so I wanted to introduce the idea.  I am putting together an article on the subject also.  If you need some basic info on linking, see one of my websites

Any time you can get links to your website from high traffic directories or related sites, go for it. In addition to getting links from directories or local search engines, you can exchange links or purchase links from relevant sites.  So remember with local search you are killing two birds with one stone (links & critical business data!)  More to come on linking soon  🙂

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