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As I was doing my daily reading, I came across this article and had to comment on it.

Trust is at the Core of the New Web Marketing by Eric Enge is a great article. The article talks about the web (particularly the marketing field) and how and why it has changed over the years…

The problem is the people. They are getting really, really smart. They are no longer going to stand for a Web site cluttered with overly optimized pages that just don’t look right. The rise of social media has also made it exceedingly simple for a visitor to your Web site to find out if anyone ever complained about you online.”

Eric explains (and I agree) that you need to build trust with potential clients and your community to have your website or business succeed. Eric says you are branding yourself and building relationships.  This the web today and why you need to be social. What Eric said about the web marketing business, can be said for all businesses in general.

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