Have you hugged your Local Search today?

A while back, I read a series of very interesting interviews with Internet professionals about local search.  One of the questions asked was, “how do you use local search”.  Well they did not ask me (that’s ok) so I thought I would answer here.

My whole family uses local search and you probably do too and might not even know it.

We are planning our summer vacation – going to Boston Mass (to visit my mom). My wife was looking for things to do with the kids.  So she started in Google  and then when to Google Local and then from there to a travel directory.

One of my sons was doing a school project on Wyoming. He was on-line looking for information about the state, local industry, etc.

Finally, I frequently search on-line for computer supplies, movie times, driving directions, etc.

So I use local search quite frequently as does my family, even thoughI never really thought twice about it.  The odds are you, as well as thousands of others are doing a lot of local searching, so the question I pose to you….is your business properly listed for local search?

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