I have collected a ton of articles on my computer about the print and Internet Yellow Pages to try to figure out where things are going.  Depending on what you read, you can get different pictures.  The main question surrounding the print Yellow Pages has been and is, when will it finally die?

“Print yellow page directories face the most uncertain future of all media. We’re estimating that the yellow pages industry will lose $39% of its in annual revenue over the next five years, amounting to a loss of $5 billion in annual revenue by 2013.” SAY GOODBYE TO YELLOW PAGES – (July ’08) from Borrell Associates.

“I have always contended that the decline in print classified revenue is a direct function of extreme product inadequacies of print versus online. Online produces a dramatically more effective consumer experience than print for home, car and job searching. “ yellow: used and bruised

“So, when will print yellow pages ultimately go the way of the dinosaur? It’s unclear since some analysts have predicted a 3% overall decline per year for printed YP income, while others have stated the rate could be accelerating…What is clear is that increasing access to alternative sources of information in the way of internet local search, 411 services, and search-enabled mobile phones are definitely eroding usage of print YPs by some degree.” Top 25 Things Vanishing from America: The Yellow Pages

I agree that the use of the print Yellow Pages is declining, I know that I am using it less and less but it is not dead yet. When my clients have asked for my opinion, I tell them that they need to focus on the Internet aspect of things. Some do but many still spend the money on the print Yellow Pages. Why? Because it is safe and has worked in the past.

Now I can’t blame them, but the day will come when they will need to embrace the Internet Yellow Pages.  The sooner your business used the Internet yellow pages, the better.