In Case You Missed It – Week 9

Sorry for the delay- trying to get taxes done and get caught up on things.  There have been a ton of great articles come out for your reference.  So here you go:

Google Related Articles:
A New Angle On The Places P.O. Box Dilemma

Restoring Your Google Places Listing After Being Removed For A Quality Guideline Violation

Where Is A Business Address That is Hidden Not Really Hidden? Google Places

What To Do If Someone Else Claimed Your Google Places Listing

Google Gets Heavy-Handed In Local Search

Local Search Articles:
Embracing the Local Movement

How To Grab Gobs Of Attention Through Local Search Engine Results

How To Rank Nationally With Local Links

4 Point Local Listings List

9 Ways To Start A New Local Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Groupon And Google*

Almost 60% Are More Likely to Engage with Local Ads: Report

Small Business Articles:
How To Improve Organic Search Results With A Simple Site Audit

7 Key Elements to a Successful Business Blog

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