ILM10 Recap

Well another ILM is in the books. I did not get a chance to go this year but I still learned a lot via Twitter, blogs, etc.  What I wanted to do here was provide some links and resources for others who did not attend but wanted to learn more about what ILM was all about.

I just noticed BIA Kelsey is now having an ILM east and ILM west next year- sweet! You can find out more details on their website.

On the ILM10 preview page,  they stated, 10 Key Questions to Be Answered at ILM:10:

1.Where is the smart money being invested in local?
2.How do you maximize local search with content and services?
3.How can geotargeting help national and regional advertisers?
4.How is social media changing local marketing?
5.What are the top local content monetization strategies?
6.What is the best role for local media companies on the Web?
7.Is hyperlocal here yet?
8.Where are mobile local apps and products headed?
9.How will mobile local products be monetized?
10.Where is Google headed in mobile advertising?

From what I read and show, I think a lot of these questions were answered.

A few nuggets that I pulled out were:

  • Seeing shift to digital media
  • Consumers are using more than one method to research, find products, services
  • “Search and social get local and mobile”
  • 14 million local reviews on Yelp

Local is growing as well as mobile and business need to realize this and take advantage of the opportunities.

Where should you go for through recaps?

-The Daily Recaps I pulled together: Day 1, Day 2
-Review the Kelsey blog here and here
-Peter Krasilovsky: My Top 10 Takeaways from ILM:10
-David Mihm  Recap of BIA / Kelsey Group’s ILM 2010 Conference

So did you attend ILM10? Any thoughts or observations? Let us know.

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