In Case You Missed It – Week 44

Well all is quiet this week. The Google changes and commenting have slowed down and folks are back at it.

This week I was going to highlight 2 things.

First off, PubCon 2010 : Social Media, Search, Affiliates is taking place in Las Vegas. Did not get to go to it but from the Twitter posting, looks like a great conference.  PubCon created a list of all the speakers via Twitter, you can access here. Definitely a lot going on and I expect some nice wrap-up articles in the next few days.

Second is a webinar put on by BIAKelsey, ILM:10 Preview: The Impact of Mobile on Local. This was last week and I thought was very informative.

Just wanted to highlight 3 slides that stood out to me.

Newer Businesses Much More Oriented to New Media

Mobile Local Ad Spend: Five-Year Projection

Social Meida Is Breakout CategoryWith 52.7 Million Unique Visitors

If you have a moment, download the presentation and take a look. What the take away message is for small businesses is that social marketing is key and growing and mobile local is growing very, very quickly. These are areas your business needs to investigate to see how you can take advantage of them. Until next time….

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