In Case You Missed It – Week 41

Sorry am a day or two late with this installment…oh well. 🙂

Universal Search: Not All Blends are Created Equal by Eli Goodman

“Searchers are more inclined to interact and engage with blended results than they are with text results. Different types of blended results drive different types of behaviors, but the value to the searcher vs. the marketer can be delineated prior to focusing your efforts.

Just remember to take into account how blended results can impact your search marketing and optimization efforts. The value isn’t in just being seen, but being found. “

Local Search: Putting Power in the Hands of the Consumer by Jeff Beard

“Local search queries continue to rise each quarter on major search engines, mobile phones, and social networks. Consumers are taking on the proactive role. However, local businesses often aren’t giving them the information they need to make an informed buying decision.”

SEMpdx October Event: Local Search With David Mihm for those in Portland Oregon area

Older Internet Users More Savvy Than You May Think good article

Upcoming Small Business Events a great list of conferences for small business folks

Blast Open The Doors Via Facebook’s Open Graph For Local SEO by Chris Silver Smith

“some worthwhile advantages, particularly for sites with large quantities of content who wish to gain greater exposure in the social media service. The protocol is unobtrusive enough to add to a site with minimal developmental impact, and the potential for greater distribution makes it worthwhile.”

Happy reading.

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