Some Thoughts on Twitter

If you are using Twitter, what do you consider to be its pros and cons?  Having been twittering for about 7 months, here are my thoughts:


  • quick to do
  • are limited in how much you can say
  • plenty of apps for mobile devices and desktop computers to make it easy to search, follow, find info
  • can see almost real time what is happening or what folks are talking/thinking about on a certain topic
  • it is the hot topic these days
  • can easily be a local or hyperlocal tool
  • great way to connect with others


  • can be a lot of “noise” out there
  • tweets can happen so quickly, can be hard to keep up
  • need to understand the “language” of Twitter to properly use it
  • takes time to tweet, follow etc
  • probably need to use other related sites to help get the most out of using Twitter

Another question for you, how does Twitter compare to Facebook?

This probably could be its own post but I thought I would introduce the idea here. I see Facebook being a somewhat passive social media. Yes you can add what you are doing and connect to friends but after that you can create groups, a business profile page, become a fan, etc…it does not have that same “instant info” aspect that Twitter does. With this being the case, then Facebook might be more of interest to the small business that would want to take the “slower” approach to social marketing.

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