iPhone Apps – ILM 08

I do not have an iphone. Do I want one? They are pretty cool….I got to see one up close and play with the features. This panel discussion highlighted some nice applications (apps) that are available on the iphone. If you have a small business, I think you need to make sure you can be found on them.

Yellowpages.com app – allow users to find local businesses, they have partnered with Zvents to help promote events, it has the ability to set up favorites, of course you can search, review and share reviews with others. They stated that 30% of mobile searches are on the iphone.

Eventful app– they market their event based app to the consumer. Users log in and see what events are in their area. They can track events, search and one interesting feature is the demand where the user can indicate which performer they want to see in their town. Eventful will keep track of how many demand a certain performer and then will email you when they come into town

NowLocal appthis is news aggregator, and really is set up to use the geolocation of feature of the iphone.

TheFind app is a search engine to find products and brands in store. With this app, you can compare pricing and see what others store have, list store, map, and call.

These are just the ones presented here. There are a lot more out there but these apps definitely help consumers find and connect with businesses.

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