Online Marketing & the Economy

The economy is the big news these days. Most everyone I have spoken with, is dealing with it one way or another. I have read a number of articles on how online marketers, such as myself, could deal with the current economic situation. Definitely good articles but I thought what was covered in them could apply to almost any small business.  Thus below is the articles and my two cents.

The one point I want to make is, that this not the time to cut down or totally eliminate your online marketing budget. Online marketing still works and will work. I think more folks will be going online looking for deals, info, etc during this economic crunch so you need your small business to be there!

1. The first article was Online Marketers Can Weather the Financial Crisis, By Bryan Eisenberg. Brian said:

  • People will still buy what the need and want; they’ll just buy slower and more methodically. Expect longer sales and lead-generation cycles. Customers won’t ask you for more value, they’ll just search for it elsewhere.
  • Don’t be shocked by changing patterns in your metrics. Your customers may behave differently based on newfound attitudes. Ask why they are doing what they are doing. Use personas to find ways to persuade them and calm their fears. Test to find the answers.
  • Don’t cut back on optimization.
  • Stay focused on your customer first, not on the market.

2. Over at TopRank Online Marketing Blog they conducted a survey: SEO Tops Recession Internet Marketing Tactics. The top five results of the poll:

Search engine optimization (36%, 149 Votes)
Blogging (33%, 134 Votes)
Pay per click (26%, 107 Votes)
Email marketing (22%, 89 Votes)
Social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn) (21%, 86 Votes)

3. Chris Smith wrote Local Business Marketing Tip: Turn Economic Lemons Into Sales Lemonade For The Holidays over at Search Engine Land and said:

“My secret local search engine optimization tip du jour is exquisitely simple: coupons!

Local businesses should provide a special coupon page on their websites for each of their local outlets. The page should be accessible to search engine spiders, and it should clearly state what the coupon is for, using all the classic SEO signals. You should particularly frame the title of that page with keyword-rich, targeted text.”

Coupons are a great way to help promote your business- I know I am always looking for coupons, who isn’t.

4. The last article is Making the Most of Your Local Search Marketing Dollars by Gregg Stewart. Gregg concluded his article with:

Think Horizontally, Execute Vertically

Local search continues to offer national and local advertisers the ability to connect with consumers who are ready to buy. The best campaigns are comprehensive programs allocated across a variety of media properties. IYPs, local search sites (e.g. CitySearch) and the search engines provide the best cost per lead and volume of leads.

Yup-my thoughts exactly. Online marketing, especially locally, can help your business even when you think things are bleak. Being creative, finding new ways to reach customers and having some patience are important these days to keep your business moving forward.  Good luck!

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