Search, Discover, Transact-DMS'08

Frank Jules, President and CEO, AT&T Advertising & Publishing presented on where AT&T is and going. Their slogan is “Search, Discover, Transact” where the he believes the “simple” search is changing and evolving.  I thought it was a nice presentation, definitely learned a lot about where AT&T is and planning on going for the small business and consumer.

To explain the search, discover, transact model, Frank showed an example of what the movies section at would be like. The user would go on-line and there would:
a. pick movie & theater
b. read review(s)
c. purchase tickets
d. invite friends, make a date

His point, the on-line users could do everything he wants to do or needs to do in one place.

Frank also gave us their definition of local search to be (paraphrased) “connect people with their world, everywhere…however they want.” AT&T  is emphasizing what the consumer is using/doing on-line.

The 5 main platforms of AT&T Yellow Pages advertising are:
a. Print – (the Yellow Pages directory)
b. Internet -this platform will be growing; they will be adding more and more–“taking IYP to next level”
c. Video – U-verse TV channel
d. Audio -“1-800 yellowpages”,  this is a 411 offering; they are also working on voice recognition
e. Mobile – will be adding to and  improving mobile yellow pages applications

At the end of the session, a good question was raised how they on-line advertising will this work in smaller to medium markets?  Frank said that that higher growth has been and will be seen in the larger markets due to broadband growth.

I definitely can attest to this. Augusta GA is not the smallest market but definitely has not seen the on-line growth places like Atlanta has. My take away from that is for the small markets it will take some time, but should get there.

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