After some searching and experimenting, I have put together a nice (IMHO) local business profile & submission service for small businesses. I have come across a lot of small businesses that are not on-line and do not want to invest the time or resources into a full fledged web site.  Creating a local business profile is an easy alternative (which has been mentioned many times before here at LocalBizBits).

The site is I have teamed up with ShowMeLocal to support the back end of this small business directory. You can go to ShowMeLocal or LocalBizProfiles directly to sign up, but to help out my clients and readers of LocalBizBits, I have created a special package, that includes features and pricing not available on-line. The only way to get access to this package is to contact me directly (phone or email).

The general details are on the submission service page but basically I will create a customized business profile, show you how to use and take advantage of its features and then submit your business information to a large number of local search engines, directories and Internet Yellow Pages.

This is not some affiliate program or cheesy directory to waste your money. This is a customized package I have set up and one that should do the job for your small business. Even if you already have a web site, this can nicely compliment and augment your existing site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.