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Small Business News 10/24/2012

It’s no secret that cloud computing and mobile technology have changed the way modern workplaces operate. But with so many cloud-based collaboration tools available, businesses can have a hard time choosing the solution that works best for their company’s needs, current size, and growth potential…

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Mobile phones can do so much more than just make and receive phone calls. The technological advancements and the sophistication in mobile technology have enabled mobile users to apply these multi-functional benefits to their business.
Even small businesses that equip their employees with lower-priced smartphones can improve their productivity and boost profits…

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New Apple and Asus products introduced Tuesday offer great possibilities for entrepreneurs and business users alike. The long anticipated Apple iPad mini is joined by a fleet of new Asus Windows 8 machines including notebooks, ultrabooks, and all-in-one desktops, all offering greater mobility and flexibility…

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Short answer: I don’t think so.
You may see a few articles and blog posts today citing the latest Reply.com (the company that bought Merchant Circle last year) small business survey, and this is another.
The survey of more than 3,400 SMBs covered a lot of topics, from politics to business conditions to mobile marketing and — what I’m focusing on — a couple questions about social media marketing…

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