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Local Search Updates 10/05/2012

The Plan for Interactive Local Media West (Dec. 4-6, Los Angeles)
It has been a great year of networking and learning at BIA/Kelsey events ? which focus on ?what?s important and why? in local. Our biggest show of the year is ILM West, which has attracted 600-700 senior level execs in recent editions. It is common for industry executives to ask each other: ?Will I see you at ILM??
This year?s event takes place Dec…

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Apple Maps’ Ripple Effect on Local Search
Tobias Dengel is CEO of?WillowTree Apps Inc., a mobile applications developer. He is also a BIA/Kelsey blog contributor, and will be posting regularly on mobile-related topics. The views he expresses are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of BIA/Kelsey.
At this point, the Apple Maps fiasco is well documented…

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Telmetrics/xAd Mobile Local Data, Take 3: Restaurants
Telmetrics and xAd are out with the third installment of their Mobile Mobile Path to Purchase report administered by Nielsen. As the first two reports focused on travel and overall results, this one looks at consumer mobile habits around finding a local restaurant.
We’ll continue to unpack this in the coming weeks but there are a few takeaways to underscore…

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Customer Service Anecdote: AT&T Gets it Right
That headline will get some pushback as AT&T has?received?less than desirable consumer feedback for wireless, telecom and U-Verse service. But the company is taking steps to improve that image — at least if my recent experience is any indication.
After returning from Spain last week, I was eager to fire up and start using the iPhone5 that I pre-ordered, which was delivered while I was gone…

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