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Local Search Updates 10/01/2012

We’ve had about nine days of iOS 6 and Apple Maps. The initial frenzy of downloads, the mass testing and disappointment (even incredulity) surrounding Apple’s mapping product has culminated in an apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, as well as the promotion of third party mapping apps…

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Life is crazy and work is busy. I get it! But since some of you subscribe to the blog BUT don’t have the Local Search Community Forum RSS feed yet, I’m thinking some of you may have missed important posts from the Local Forum. I’ve been curating all the latest Local Search news and adding all my new Google+ Local content at the new Local Search Forum instead of this blog…

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Deal platform provider NimbleCommerce has launched “the NimbleNetwork,” essentially an ad network for deals. Signpost, Tippr and Local Offer Network, among others, have created networks of various sorts. However Nimble SVP Kevn Wray believes this is the first true, “bi-directional” network that isn’t simply backfill…

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Ready to give crowdfunding a go? Great, the world needs more creators taking action rather than just talking about ideas. But crowdfunding is not for the faint of heart. Follow these tips to increase your odds of success.

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Local Corp. resisted releasing a mobile app (though it had an HTML site) for a very long time. Yesterday it released one for its flagship Local.com site. It’s nicely designed. Here are some images:

The challenge is the same one faced by other apps in this category: it doesn’t offer enough content to compete with the dominant players…

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