If you have ever wonder if you should get your business online, take a look at this article by Hanan
Opportunities For Small Businesses Online.

He provides an interesting graphic (see below). This graphic and what he says is what I have telling for folks for some time.  Look for where the opportunities are, do some investigation.  You can do well online if you plan out how you approach it and if you put some effort. Hanan says:

“Furthermore, in some cases, it is also important to look not only at the industry averages, but also at how many SMBs advertise on a specific (competitor) site. You may want to focus on verticals and markets that have proven to be successful for a certain competitor or rather take a shot at the ones where the competitor has yet to succeed.”

Good advice. Look at where your competition is and see if you can use that too. Good luck and let me know if you need any help.