Local Advertising. It is critical for your small business. The Internet does provide a huge potential for new customers.  Below are some quotes that I thought were worth repeating. I think they speak for themselves…

The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow by Gregg Stewart

“Local search is a vertical strategy with the rewards of lower leads cost with higher sales conversation.” “..reaching your customers on a local level is a multi-step process with great rewards..”

Local and the Future of Ad Serving by Greg Sterling

“Most major advertisers don’t know how to think about local online today and most aren’t taking advantage of current capabilities, let alone all the emerging layers of targeting. But what these increasingly sophisticated ad platforms (i.e., Yahoo’s) will do is compensate for that lack of human sophistication…”

We Need a New Local Framework by Greg Sterling

“For too longlocal on the Internet has been off to the side as a much talked about but under-performing curiosity. Major ad networks have boomed, social media has been hyped, search has been celebrated. But it all leads to one place the point of sale. And in 95%+ of the cases that’s in a physical, local place.”

“The Internet is fundamentally a research tool that helps people decide what to do and where to spend money.”

“The dots need to be connected up and down the line to help lead me from offline prompt or stimulus to online research/consideration to a POS offline. Once that becomes more transparent for advertisers then the Internet’s full potential as an advertising medium can be realized.”

Should We Do Away with the Word Local? by Greg Sterling

“But national brands and marketers often don’t see the opportunity because they associate the word local with someone or something other than what they do….But overall they don’t fully grasp the opportunity and that local or geotargeting is really about reaching particular people in particular places who will typically buy something or do something in a physical location.”