I was not able to go to ILM conference this year but from what I have heard it was good. Just wanted to bring to your attention a couple of nice posts on the conference for those who could not make it.

Closing The Book on ILM:07 by Peter Krasilovsky at The Local Onliner

Six Takeaways from Kelsey ILM 07 by Sebastien Provencher at The Praized Blog

Best Practices for Using PPC for Local Targeting: Kelsey ILM 07 (and others) by Andrew Shotland at Local SEO Guide.

Kelsey ILM Coverage: Tidbits from the Analyst Overview (and others) at Local Point

In addtion to ILM, there was the SES Chicago

SES Chicago 2007 Wrap Up by Thomas McMahon at the TopRanks Online Marketing Blog

and PubCon in Las Vegas:

Pubcon Las Vegas 2007 events list by Tim Dineen at Exposureonline.com

Pubcon 2007 Round-Up by Dana Larson  at the TopRanks Online Marketing Blog