I have always been a big supporter/advocate for adding some general, related content on the small business web site. Why?…To provide keyword rich content, create another avenue into the web site and finally, to simply provide a resource to the visitor.  I definitely will work with someone who seems to want to help me and provide some information, without necessarily trying to sell me something.

With the advent of local search, adding locally related material to ones web site is a smart move. There are a number of ways for the small business web site to do this.

1. Add your own local search engine-  Build Your Own Local Search Engine check out this article by Chris Silver Smith at Natural Search Blog
2. Create a directory on your site – Turn Your Small Biz Website Into An Online Yellow Pages & Get Qualified Traffic check out this article byAndrew Shotland at Local SEO Guide
3. Create a local blog – Local blogging? check out this article by Kirby Winfield at Local Point
4. Use Zvents to promote local activities
5. Add local rss news feeds to your web site

Do not try to cover everything. Cannot tell you how much would be too much…but I would not do everything I have listed, unless you are a local directory web site. The goal here is to provide some local, relevent information for your customers to give them a reason to return to the web site.

Finally, in an article by Stoney DeGeyter Content is Dead. Community is King Now he concludes by saying:

“I might suggest that the best ecommerce websites are not those that build content around their products but build a community around the product interest. By creating a place where shoppers can come and gain information, learn more about the products and discuss or share information with others and then make purchases as well, will do more for sales than simply creating a shopping website.

By building a community you not only sell more products but you build brand recognition and customer loyalty. And both of those are worth far more than a single one-off sell. So while content may not be dead (not by a long shot, really), there is a new king in the online marketing industry. Long live community. Long live the (new) king.”

Though he is not specifically speaking about local content, his point about creating a web site that will engage the shopper/visitor is what you are after.